Dry Cleaning process requires utmost care of fabric and accessories attached to the garment. We use environmentally friendly and bio degradable chemicals.

Shirt’s Cleaning Procedure in Sterling VA ($1.39 per most Men’s Cotton Shirts)

Our cleaning procedure involves a comprehensive set of steps that require attention to detail and passion in cleaning. We guarantee your satisfaction and also guarantee that we will not break buttons –or – we will fix it for free.

We are committed to top quality and friendly customer service by following these steps:

1. Review any customer identified spots.

2. If the spots are yellow or food stains, then apply our proprietary ‘YellowGo’ bio degradable chemical.

3. If the spots are red or ink oriented, then apply our spot cleaning gun with light steam and relevant chemical.

4. Clean collars and cuff with our proprietary commercial detergent mix.

5. Wash Whites in a long hot water cycle and wash Darks and Reds in short cold water cycle.

6. Apply starch cycle based on customer’s preference.

7. Press collar and cuff first, then press body. Inspect for any wrinkles or pressing errors and correct them.

8. Nicely assemble shirts so that customers can carry them easily in their car.


Our Dry Cleaning Procedure in Sterling VA ($3.99 for most garment including blouse skirts jackets pants and t-shirts)

Dry cleaning is an art and requires careful review of garments from the moment we take order from our customers. Many of the garments can cost over $500 and require careful assessment of expected cleaning procedures.

Our team takes utmost care of your garments by following these steps:

1. Separate wools and follow traditional cleaning procedure to ensure that they do not shrink.

2. Review all silks for color fastness. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that silks maintain the original luster and shine.

3. Pre-treat garments that show visible spots and separate dry cleanable garments from wet cleanable garments.

4. Clean darks, reds and lights separately. Ensure that full dry cleaning cycles are utilized for the best quality cleaning results.

5. Utilize Jacket, Blouse and Pants steam press machines as well as hand iron and ensure that wrinkles or pressing errors are corrected.

6. Nicely assemble lighter garments to the front and heavier garments to the back. Pack 2/3 piece and suites, dresses, etc. together.

7. Warp garments with vinyl for long term protection.


Saree Dry Cleaning Procedure in Sterling VA

We at Chrissie’s Cleaners are proud to announce that we are one of the most successful Saree dry cleaners in Sterling, Virginia and the DC Maryland Metro area. The Saree cleaning service a delicate and artistic process.

We follow these steps:

1. Review the Saree material. If it is a plain Cotton Saree then clean it along with Darks or Whites in a separate bag.

2. If the Saree has spandex or silk, then clean it separately using a traditional cleaning procedure and then roll press if required.

3. Only perform gentle steam press on Sarees.

4. If Saree has spots then spot clean the Saree first.

Choir Rob Cleaning Procedure in Sterling VA

We at Chrissie’s Cleaners partner with several churches in Virginia and Washington DC to provide them special rate to perform Choir Robes cleaning. Most recently we cleaned over 100 Choir Robes in 2014. We received positive feedback from pastors.


Wash & Fold Service in Sterling VA

We will professionally Wash dry and fold your Clothes at only $1.49 per pound. Your clothes will be neatly folded and packed and ready to be put in the closet to save you time and money.