Leather & Suede Cleaning by Chrissie's Cleaners in Sterling VA

Leather & Suede Cleaning in Sterling VA

Our exclusive leather & suede cleaning partners are second to none. We can clean all types of leather and suede jackets, trousers, gloves, bags and shoes. Our cleaning solution cleans and enhances the leathers and suedes therefore prolonging the life of your garment to give that longer lasting look and keep it looking in original condition.

Focus on longevity of your leather jacket

Do not let go of that leather jacket just yet! If you’ve ever stained a suede coat or a ripped leather jacket, you know first-hand that leather and suede are two of the toughest fabrics to clean or repair. At Chrissie Cleaners we know how you feel if you lose a favorite jacket. That’s why we specialize in leather and suede cleaning and repair.

Stain cleaning on leather and suede

We can clean wine, juice, cake, icing etc stains. If there are any rips, tears, break, our tailor shall repair it. Our objective is to provide you a great looking and long-lasting leather or suede garment. Careful wear and quality repair work can help ensure your specialty clothing articles can last for a long time.


We estimate 4 to 6 weeks for cleaning or repairing leather garments. We have partnered with two high quality vendors that provide these services.