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Shirt Service – Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Our special of $1.69 per Men’s Cotton shirt continues to be a great opportunity for you the customer to take advantage off. Washing, hanging, and pressing, let us do all that for you. Our shirts are crisp, clean, pressed, and ready to wear.

Anatomy of a High Quality Shirt

Here are the steps outlined of what it takes to deliver a high quality cleaned shirt.


Step 1. Review Color and Fabric

It is an important fact to separate Whites, Reds and Blacks. By doing so you will prevent dye transfer. You will also have an opportunity to use dry chlorine bleach on whites. Never launder reds and blacks in HOT water.

Step 2. Clean the Collars

Collars get stained easily with hair oil gel and perspiration. Strong body odors as well as smoke tends to retain in this area the most. The answer is to pre-spot collars very well with a gentle brush and a range of relevant chemicals. Note that dry side chemicals might be required to remove oil based products and spots from collars.

Step 3. Clean the Cuffs

Dry Cleaners ignore cuff cleaning most of the time due to limited labor and chemical availability. However, customers notice the dirty cuffs all the time. Therefore, using a gentle brush and once again protein based stain removers are ideal to clean cuffs.

Step 4. Launder Shirt

Launder Cotton Shirts in hot, warm or cold water based on color and fabric. Make sure the cleaning includes three separate rinse cycles to remove as much dirt stains and smell out.

Step 5. Hot Press Cotton Shirts

Keep the shirts wet and press them on a collar and cuff machine such as made by Unipress and hot press them on a shirt service body press machine.

Step 6. Nicely Assemble in Plastic

Assemble the shirt on hanger by keeping collars rounded and well pressed. Organize shirts by colors and whites. Wrap them with plastic.

Step 7. Looking good. Success.

Does it look good? Would you wear this shirt yourself? Yes? OK, you have a success!

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